This was the first major international wushu competition to be organized in the brand-new “Moscow Wushu Palace”, which also happened to be the second edition of the «Moscow Wushu Stars» tournament. The event was organized by the Russian Wushu Federation, sponsored by Elena and Gennady Timchenko Russia’s biggest charitable foundation and hosted by Moscow City Experimental Wushu School.


This EWUF-certified international tournament was attended by 27 wushu teams from 17 countries. Wushu masters and guests from Norway, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kyrgiz Republic, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Germany, Poland and Russia had the opportunity to compare their skills (kung fu) in the premises of the newly-built Moscow Wushu Palace, which is an incredible sports complex fully dedicated to Wushu practice.


More than 700 athletes had the opportunity to display their mastery in traditional Kung fu routines, modern Taolu, light-contact Sanda fighting and Taiji tuishou. The Opening Ceremony was attended by the Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Martial Arts Master Yuri Trutnev, Timchenko Foundation Director General Maria Morozova and Moscow City Sports Department Chairman Alexei Vorobiev.


The public had the opportunity to watch a beautiful and exciting wushu display by the best Russian and foreign athletes.


On behalf of the EWUF President Raymond Smith the EWUF vice president Petru Grindeanu awarded Yuri Trutnev with the «EWUF order of Merit» for his support in the construction of the «Moscow Wushu Palace» and the organizing of the 16th European Wushu Championships in May this year.


The financial support of the Timchenko Foundation made it possible to raise the level of the competition to meet the highest international standards, namely to arrange live internet broadcasting of the event, to make UltraHD recordings of the competition events on EWUF-certified high-end equipment and to invite the best European and World wushu judges, such as Germany’s Alexander Raduncev and Haojun Zhuo to assure the high level of the tournament.


According to most of the team leaders, the event was a clear success and this guarantees the smooth running of the future upcoming European Wushu Championships!


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