EWUF – ONE FAMILY!                                                                                        by Raymond Smith

                                                                                                                                                     EWUF President

Dear EWUF Members,


When you are achieving good results it is difficult to make a big impact BUT WE DID!  Yes, the 2nd Taiji and Internal Wushu Styles Championship and the 16th European Wushu Championships were another BIG success for the EWUF.


Held in the amazing Wushu Palace in Moscow, a dedicated Wushu complex with every facility imaginable. What an experience this was.


Our events were also noticeable due to the professionalism of the judges training courses, the competition organisers, and the management and logistics groups.


It was a wonderful experience to see the judges being applauded at the end of each session, a true appreciation of the standard of neutral judging. This does not just happen by its self, it is achieved by hard work from the trainings, head judges and judges working together, great team work from all the judges. Not one appear was made against the decisions of the judges in taolu or sanda. Well done.


The Executive Board have tried to make our events more accessible to the general public and wushu lovers that could not be present in Moscow. We provided 4G live internet streaming of the event. Everyone could gain access to live real time broadcasts of the championships in high definition for both taolu and sanda. Added to this our event management system was functioning to give us real time visible results online. According to the  report by our IT manager, more than 130 000 (!) spectators were following us online!


At these championships we instigated as an exception, and for the first time, the “athlete and judges independent participants” team. They attended and competed under the flag of the EWUF and European anthem. This team of more than 30 people was made up of athletes and judges from countries, which were not sending official teams, due to politic problems or administrative issues or other difficulties. For whatever reason we wanted to protect the interest and open access to our event. The EWUF Executive Board understand that their prime function is to service the athletes not the expectations of others that might get in the way of allowing the innocent to participate in our events. Congress unanimously approved this decision.


It was our great honour to have His Excellency Yu Zaiqing attend the opening ceremony. He took time out from his busy schedule to travel from Beijing for a 24 hour stopover before returning to Beijing. We all greatly appreciated his support of our events. He expressed his congratulations on what he saw of our organisation and standard of event management. He also enjoyed watching some of the competition and presented medals.


We also had the pleasure of IWUF Executive Vice President Anthony Goh who watched the championship. He greatly appreciated the standard of organisation and competition. It was also a great pleasure to have Byron Jacobs attend to assist with the Internal Styles Judges Course and Liu Xiaolin (from the USA).


There are many people we need to acknowledge who helped to make this event a great success. Gleb Muzrukov, President of the Russian Wushu Federation and his team did a fantastic job running the championships, the Mayor of Moscow and the Minister of Sport for their support, the Timchenko Foundation for their financial and logistic support and the army of helpers.


Our Technical Committee maintained the highest standards and ran courses that provided us with excellent neutral judges, well done to: Urs Krebs, Zhuo Haojun, Alexander Raduncev, Gleb Muzrukov and Byron Jacobs; to the members of the Jury of appeal Petru Grindeanu, Paulo Araujo and Henk Verschuur. To Tatiana Kupriyanova and her team for the provision of the facilities at the Moscow Wushu Palace. To Iraida Grebneva for general operations.


This was a great ending to the start of our fourth decade. Yes 30 years have past and now we enter or 31st year in a great way by building one success on top of another.


Well done to everyone that took part in whatever role they participated in.


In May 2017 we shall host our 4th European Traditional Championships and 2nd European Wingchun Championships in Tbilisi, Georgia. The Executive Board look forward to welcoming you to our next major event.


It is also interesting to observe that while our championships were held in a harmonious fashion we saw in the news how an alternative conflicting federation, namely the International Kung Fu Federation (IKKF), held its European Championships in Ukraine, which were noted by an open fight in the stadium between athletes, coaches and spectators. The EWUF Executive Board wish to make it perfectly clear that the IKKF is nothing to do with the EWUF or the IWUF and as far as we are concerned they are a conflicting federation. Any EWUF Member that participates in any such events is subject to action being taken against them under the EWUF Constitution.


Let the EWUF focus of the positive work we are doing to create a better future for Wushu in Europe and the World.


Raymond Smith




EWUF 2016 Congress

2nd Taiji&Neijia Championships

Opening Ceremony

EWUF 2015



The annual EWUF Congress attended by the representatives of 25 member-countries took place the 18th of May 2015. The IWUF vice-president Yu Zaiqing and IWUF Executive vice-president Anthony Goh were special guests of the Congress at the invitation of the EWUF Executive Board.

In his speech adressed to the delegates, the IWUF president stressed the role of the EWUF in wushu development at the Continent and assured that the International wushu federation shall continue to support the EWUF in achieving their common goals.

During the Congress the delegates amended the EWUF Constitution to get it closer to the IWUF Constitution, elected the new member of the Executive board - Mr. Paolo Araujo from Portugal and the new member of the Executive Council – Mrs. Yvonne Lin from Sweden. The Congress also unanimousely voted to elect the EWUF vice-president Mr. Gleb Muzrukov as IWUF vice-president representing Europe. Other important matters covered were: the withdraw of the ban from the president of the Armenian Wushu Federation Mr. Tigran Chobanian, the appointment of  georgian capital Tbilissi as the new city-organiser of the EWUF 2017-2018 championships and of Krakow as the organiser of the first European traditional Southern styles Wushu Cup.

The major amendment, however was the change of the name of the federation. From now on the full name of the EWUF is "EUROPEAN WUSHU KUNGFU FEDERATION". This amendment was unanimousely accepted by the delegates.

The Congress accepted into the provisional membership the Wushu Federation of Moldova and confirmed the full membership of Serbia. The medals for merits in wushu development in Europe were awarded to Grzegorz Chiembronievich (Poland), Yvonne Lin (Sweden), Georgi Denichin (Bulgaria) and to Radenko Tadic (Serbia).



(With Chen Guoji, Wu Guojian, Huang Nianyi

and EWUF executives and judges).

The dream has come true! The 3 famous Wingchun masters came to share their knowledge and to teach their Art to the EWUF community. The incredible Chen Guoji – great grandson of Yip Man's teacher Chen Huashun, the grandson of maigeiwong Wingchun Huang Nianyi with his daughter Dongwei and Peng Nan's Wu Guojian all came directly from the birthplace of Wingchun – the city of Foshan in the Guandong province of China. After intense trainings, judges courses and competition we enjoyed some friendly dinners with exchange of skills! Thank you masters!

Chen Guoji, after the competition was over exressed his admiration for the deication of european wushu lovers, especially kids and said that they have never expected the level of european Wingchun to be so high. The EWUF awarded Wingchun masters with European Wushu Merit medals and signed a protocol of cooperation for the development of Wingchun in Europe. Thanks again for Manoil Manev who has organised their visit in Stara Zagora!

EWUF EB member Paolo Araujo, IWUF president  Yu Zaiqing, EWUF president Ray Smith, IWUF vice president  Anthony Goh and EWUF vice president Gleb Muzrukov during the openeing ceremony.

Guests walking in the Old Town at the beginning of the openeing ceremony of the 3d EWUF traditional event.

During the ceremony the IOC vice-president Yu Zaiqning was awarded the European Wushu Order of Merit – EWUF's highest award for his dedicated work for Wushu in the World.

The Opening ceremony


Both the EWUF and the organising Committee of the Championships worked hard together to make the opening ceremony a success. The show took place in the very middle of the city, in the centre of the historical 6 000 years old (!!!) Old Town.

All the teams very present, sitting on the stairs of an old roman amphiteatr and enjoying the spectale. The wonderful performance of local artists included a theatrical display of Bulgarian history and their 500 years long struggle against the ottoman invaders. The  exhibition of the chinese wushu masters – special guests from Beijing, Xian and Foshan was followed by the incredible performance of the European Wushu Team, specially selected among 14 EWUF member-countries. The athletes from Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Russia, Portugal, Bulgaria and other countries gave a wonderfull breathtaking performance of different wushu styles and weapons followed by a big applause by the guests. The ceremony was attended by the mayor of the Stara Zagora city Zhivko Todorov who gave a welcome speech. During the ceremony the IOC vice president and IWUF president Yu Zaiqing was awarded the highest distinction of the EWUF – the European Wushu Order of Merit. In his speech he expressed his gratutude to the EWUF for its 30 Years long committement to Wushu development on the European Continent and assured the EWUF of his continuing support. The gala ended with  fireworks warmly welcomed by all the participants.  Happy Birthday EWUF!

Respect and gratitutde to all those who made it possible! Athletes, Coaches, Judges, Executives, Organisers, Administration group, IT group and all others!


© European Wushu Federation (EWUF) 2015. EWUF is the only official Wushu organization in Europe responsible for managing all Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu, Kungfu, Taijiquan, Wingchun, Shuaijiao etc.) as recognized by the International Wushu Federation (IWUF). Wushu is an official Sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee, ARISF and Sportaccord since 1998. The European wushu federation was created in 1985. The IWUF was created in 1991.